Report on our work in May 2015

11.06.2015 Центр Протидії Корупції – громадська організація, яка об’єднує експертів з юридичного, медійного та громадсько-політичного секторів.
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Thank you to everyone who supported our work in May with the amount of 10,344 UAH. With your continued support over the past several months, we collected money and employed a new lawyer at the office, increased the volume of appeals, and thereby prevented the loss of stolen assets and prevented the work of corrupt officials. We spent 7980 UAH in pay on our lawyer.

Help us to continue to do more.

The Results of Our Work in May 2015:

  • Appealed 14 corrupt purchases amounting to almost half a billion UAH
  • Conducted inspections into 11 cases that amounted to the sum of 262 million UAH
  • Our statements initiated 3 criminal proceedings
  • Our complaints found irregularities in 6 procurements, which amounted to 197 million UAH. We will return to this issue.
  • Achieved the cancellation of a contract and the return of 14 million UAH to the state budget
  • Achieved the imposition of fines concerning a tender worth 43 million UAH

Primary Tasks, Which We Started in May

  • Achieved criminal proceedings regarding the theft of arrested fuel, which was owned by the oligarch Serhiy Kurchenko and the company Rosneft
  • We are demanding the cancellation of a contract, under which Ukraine has lost control over the last deposition of Chornomornaftohaz. In addition, we are demanding the punishment of the officials and judges who sold the last enterprise deposits for nothing.
  • We are pushing for the punishment of the ex-Minister of Environmental Protection of Ukraine, Mykola Zlochevskyi, for the unauthorized occupation of valuable land on the banks of the Kyiv reservoir
  • Initiated into consideration in a committee against corruption of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine the examination of an attack on the journalists of the television program “Our Money” during the filming of the estate belonging to Deputy Interior Minister Serhiy Chebotar

Achieved the Opening of Three Criminal Proceedings:

  • Achieved criminal proceedings regarding tenders of the division Ukrzaliznytsi for the supply of wooden sleeper cars and rails amounting to 93.6 million UAH
  • Achieved the upload of evidence which led to criminal proceedings regarding the overpayment of 500 million UAH in the Kyiv budget for the purchase of train cars for the metro, which was bought from the company of Yuri Ivanyushchenko.

Completed Reviews of 11 Corrupt Purchases in the Sum of 262 million UAH:

  • Completed a review of a tender, amounting to 1.1 million UAH, of Enerhoatomom for the purchase of fireproof materials at a price 5 times higher than the market value
  • Completed a review of the tender “Under One Participant” amounting to 31.42 million UAH for the construction of a kindergarten in Kyiv’s residential area Poznyaky
  • Completed a verification of a procurement by the Defense Ministry to supply mattresses and pillows worth 5.5 million UAH, as they ordered the same products from different manufacturers
  • Completed a review of a tender of the Ministry of Interior Affairs, which has entered into an agreement for the supply of vehicle license plates in the amount of 6.73 million UAH
  • Completed a verification of the tender of Kyivavtodor, which allocated 21 million UAH for the renovation of sewers in the Pechersk and Podil districts in the city of Kyiv
  • Completed a review of the procurement pipes by a Vil’nohirsk factory in the amount of 33.94 million UAH for an unknown price
  • Completed a verification of the procurement of road salt in Vinnytsya at the inflated price of 5.15 million UAH
  • Completed a review of a tender worth 1.7 million UAH for the renovation of a children’s hospital in Cherkasy
  • Completed a review of the agreement to maintain and repair roads in the Zakarpattiya worth 25.54 million UAH

According to Our Appeals, We Have Found Irregularities in 6 Procurements in the Sum of 197 Million UAH:

  • Completed a review of the procurement of the Great Village Council in the Lviv region, which has signed a contract for the construction of a sewer network worth 29 million UAH. The Government Inspection Agency found a number of violations.
  • Completed a review of the procurement of services for the freight traffic transportation of metallurgists worth almost 40 million UAH. Two firms submitted bids with cheaper offerings, but they were rejected for some reason. The Government Inspection Agency found a number of violations and recommended that the agreement be terminated.
  • Completed a review of the procurement of fuel for the port Yuzhnyi in the amount of 36.95 million UAH. The analysis of the documents revealed a number of irregularities.
  • Achieved a reduction in the price of a contract for the cleaning of roads in Lutsk, which was adjusted retroactively to 608,000 UAH. Nevertheless, given that it is not even 10% of the value of the contract, we will seek the cancellation of the contract.
  • Achieved the opening of criminal proceedings regarding the procurement of food at inflated prices at a Kirovohrad school amounting to 38.68 million UAH. The audit found several irregularities.

Challenged 14 Corrupt Procurements in the Amount of 468 Million UAH

  • We are challenging the procurement of the company DTEK Zakhidenerho, controlled by Akhmetov, in the amount of 98.27 million UAH. There is evidence that the winner of the procurement is associated with the customer.
  • We are demanding the cancellation of the purchase of renovations in the system of Ukrtranshaz in the amount of 51.87 million UAH.
  • We are demanding the review of a meager fine assessed as a result of illegal violations for a tender worth 50.29 million UAH.
  • We are appealing the procurement of the unit Ukravtodor in the Khmelnytskyi region which ordered a renovation for the roads in an unknown location totaling 14.25 million UAH.
  • We are appealing a tender for the reconstruction of a kindergarten in Kyiv amounting to 35.46 million UAH, during which unusual reasons were given for rejecting other applications with cheaper offerings.
  • We are demanding the punishment of the officials of JSC Lysychanskvuhillya and LLC Donetskovuhlezabezpechennya for cutting 38 million UAH. The winning company works in the territory, on which militants were captured.
  • We are pushing for the cancellation of the procurement of Ukrtranshaz, of which interconnected firms shared 7.08 million UAH.
  • We are challenging a number of tenders with the Vinnytsya Region Department of Education for the procurement of coal.
  • We are cancelling the procurement of the Rivne NPP of 12.7 reagents for water purification amounting to 1.62 million UAH.
  • We are challenging the tender of the Illichivsky Port, which resulted in a contract for the supply of diesel and petrol with a total value of 148.29 million UAH, a highly inflated price.
  • We are appealing a dubious plan to repair roads in Dnipropetrovsk.
  • We are challenging the ineffective use of 4 million UAH during the organization of the International Tournament of Gymnastics entitled the Ukraine Nation Cup, which was organized by the Olympic Champion Stella Zakharova.
  • We are asking for a review of the strange plan for the acquisition of trolleybuses in Dnipropetrovsk for potential corruption abuses.
  • We are asking for the punishment of the mayor of Dryzhkivka in Donetsk Oblast, who built an estate of 600 square meters, despite the lack of sufficient income of that official for this building project. We are challenging the allocation of land by the City Council.

Achieved the Termination of the Following Purchase:

  • Achieved the termination of an agreement to construct a rural club in Lviv Oblast worth 14 million UAH. The fact that the tender was between two firms, which are related to the Dubnevych brothers who are MPs from the Bloc of Poroshenko, made this agreement rather suspicious.

Achieved Fines for Violations in the Procurement Process:

  • Achieved the imposition of fines on a company for overstating the value of building a kindergarten in the village Yuvileyne, amounting to 43.10 million UAH. With this sum, one could build a palace in Kyiv bigger than the proposed children’s educational institution.
  • Reports from the previous months of this year: April, March, and February
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