Report on our work in June 2015

08.07.2015 Центр Протидії Корупції – громадська організація, яка об’єднує експертів з юридичного, медійного та громадсько-політичного секторів.
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We extend our warmest thanks and gratitude to everyone who supported our work in June. We received UAH 11,647 in donations this month with UAH 8,300 being spent on the salary of our new lawyer.

You are always able to help us to do more.

The Results of Our Work in June 2015

  • We completed inspections of 10 cases valued at UAH 563 million.
  • Our investigations found violations in 5 public purchases, on which UAH 124 million were spent.
  • We returned UAH 22 million to the state budget and achieved the cancellation of two corrupt contracts.
  • We challenged 5 corrupt public purchases that were valued at a total of UAH 123 million.
  • We achieved the imposition of fines in a case concerning a tender worth UAH 10 million.

Top Tasks That We Started in June

  • We are currently calling for a penalty to be assessed on the officials of the State Agency for Investment and National Projects of Ukraine, headed by Vladyslav Kas’kiv, for causing state losses of at least UAH 400 million.
  • We are currently demanding the prosecution of the former MP and Yanukovych subordinate Yuriy Ivanyushchenko and other former officials of the State Agency for Investment and National Projects of Ukraine for the theft of millions of hryvnias allocated under the Kyoto Protocol.
  • We are currently calling for the criminal prosecution of leaders of the State Food and Grain Corporation of Ukraine, who caused the state to lose millions of hryvnias by selling grain to shell companies.
  • We are demanding a more effective investigation of criminal proceedings regarding the overpayment of UAH 162 million with the same State Food and Grain Corporation of Ukraine and a Donetsk insurance company.

We achieved the opening of criminal proceedings against Ukrposhta, which purchased services totaling UAH 6.7 million, turning down less expensive offers. Additionally, two of the participants have links that indicate that there may have been a plot and collaboration during the tender process.

We Completed Audits of 10 Corrupt Public Procurement Purchases Totaling UAH 563 Million:

  • We completed an audit of the State’s Darnytzka Train Car Repair Factory, which for some reason is purchasing old train cars that are twice as expensive as new ones. In this scenario, the state is losing more than UAH 300 million.
  • We completed an inspection of the tender with the Illichivskyi Commercial Seaport, which according to preliminary data overpaid for fuel. The total sum of the public purchase exceeds UAH 148 million.
  • We completed reviews of public fuel purchases for a state mine in Vuledar in Donetsk Oblast, which was acquired without the publication of the unit price.
  • We completed inspections of Ukrtranshaz’s public purchases, which rejected tender offers that were twice cheaper than the tender they chose. The tender concerned research on underground storage facilities worth UAH 7.08 million.
  • We completed a review of the use of UAH 4 million during the organization of the International Tournament of Gymnastics for the Ukraine Nation Cup, which was organized by the Olympic champion Stella Zakharova.
  • We completed a review of the public procurement purchases of Khmelnytskyi Oblast’s division of Ukravtodor, which commissioned unknown road repairs totaling UAH 14.25 million.
  • We completed an inspection of an Odesa State Agrarian University tender totaling UAH 6.73 million. The tender was for the purchase of special equipment for a biochemical laboratory, which was bid on by several interconnected firms.
  • We completed a review of the public procurement purchases of Rivne NPP, which purchased 12.7 tons of water purification reagents for UAH 1.62 million, which was bid on by firms connected by family members.
  • We completed an inspection of a Tsentrenerho tender for the purchase of fuel totaling UAH 3.62 million. There is reason to believe that the companies that competed with each other during the public procurement process are actually connected.
  • We completed a review of a public procurement purchase by the Department of Municipal Services of the Dnipropetrovsk City Council totaling UAH 36 million. In the agreement, there is no information about which roads they specifically are planning to repair.

With Our Appeals, Violations in 5 Public Purchases Were Found Totaling UAH 145 Million:

  • We detected violations for the State Financial Inspection Agency of Ukraine during the procurement procedure for methane detectors worth UAH 1.85 million by the State Enterprise L’vivvuhillya.
  • We detected violations from the results of a public purchase review of the Berdyansk Commercial Seaport, which is buying steel products totaling UAH 5.37 million, which is an inflated price.
  • We detected violations during a review of tenders of a Ukrzalisnytsi division for the supply of wood and rails totaling UAH 100 million. The State Financial Inspection Agency of Ukraine sent a letter proposing to cancel the contract and to bring those responsible to justice.
  • We detected violations during the public procurement process by the State Enterprise Consolidated Mining-Chemical Company for steel pipes totaling UAH 33.94 million without a notification of the unit price value. The State Financial Inspection Agency is proposing to cancel the contract and to bring those responsible to justice.
  • We detected violations by checking the procurement of consulting services totaling UAH 3.7 million by the Odesa Regional State Administration of Ecology. The State Financial Inspection Agency recommends that the customer eliminate the violations and, if this is not possible, they should terminate the contract.

We Challenged 5 Corrupt Public Procurement Purchases Totaling UAH 123 Million:

  • We challenged a Ministry of Internal Affairs tender that chose the supplier of a new model of license plate. The contract worth more than UAH 70 million was won by a little known Odesa firm called Lemodo, which does not have the capability to produce license plates as they previously had been selling grain.
  • We challenged an Odesa Commercial Seaport tender, in which they had significantly overpaid for fuel. The cost of the purchase is UAH 15.57 million, which is significantly above the market price.
  • We challenged a Zaporiskyi NPP tender totaling UAH 10.9 million for the purchase of steel, in which the winning firm was created just a few days before the tender procedure. It should be added that the customer has not announced the price per unit.
  • We challenged the State Enterprise L’vivvuhillya’s tender for the supply of cables totaling UAH 26.31 million. In fact, the purchase prices were significantly higher than market value.
  • We contested the Kirovohrad Ciy Council Board of Education’s tender worth UAH 0.2 million for garbage collection, which was bid on by three related companies.

We Succeeded in Terminating Two Tenders Totaling UAH 22 Million:

  • We succeeded in terminating the Dniprovodokanal contract with a firm controlled by the former mayor of Dnipropetrovsk. As a result, UAH 20 million were retained in the budget.
  • We succeeded in terminating four of five contracts for the procurement of metal products for the Eastern Mining-Processing Plant, where an overpayment was made. Total savings for the budget amounted to UAH 2.1 million.

We Achieved a Price Reduction for a Public Procurement Contract:

  • We achieved a price reduction for a contract for cleaning roads in Luts’k, which was reduced by UAH 608,000 retroactively. Nevertheless, given that the reduction is not even 10% of the contract value, our team will seek the cancellation of the contract.

We Are Calling for a Penalty to be Assessed to High Officials:

  • We are advocating for a fair procurement competition at the Zaporizhia Airport, where for many years, the company providing services was related to both present and former directors.
  • We inquired about the State Enterprise Ukrtranskhimamiak about the reasons for being allowed to cross the statute of limitations for the payment of fines and the reason why they did not proceed with the opportunity to recover from the company an unfair UAH 0.3 million.
  • We are calling for the punishment of the officials who allowed two extra floors to be built on the House of Trade Unions in the center of Kyiv. In the agreement about the reconstruction, it was only said that there would be renovation without dealing with the exterior. As a result, we are calling for the cancellation of the agreement and the punishment of the officials who signed the agreement.

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Thank you for your support and trust!

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