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Центр Протидії Корупції – громадська організація, яка об’єднує експертів з юридичного, медійного та громадсько-політичного секторів.


The Anti-Corruption Action Center is a non-governmental organization that brings together experts from the legal, media, and socio-political sectors.



UKR.AW is one of the projects of the Anti-Corruption Action Center team.
We are convinced that every bureaucrat who has stolen (UKR.AW is actually a pun on the Ukrainian verb meaning “has stolen”) our money must be brought to justice by facing both criminal prosecution and confiscation of property.
The inevitability of punishment for corruption crimes underlies an efficient system of countering corruption. Introducing such inevitability is our team’s key mission.
On this site we register evidence of what has been stolen by a certain official, and we call on law enforcers and regulators to make him accountable.
We also document the attempts of regulators or law enforcers to shield the wrongdoers. In the event that these facts are revealed, the punishment of public officials who cover up corruption becomes our key task.


  • We translate journalists’ investigations into legal language and send them to law enforcement agencies, demanding that the latter not only eradicate the corruption scheme in question but also bring the wrongdoers to responsibility.
  • We make law enforcement and regulating agencies initiate investigations/inspections following our applications.
  • We closely follow the outcome of each inspection or investigation. In cases when law enforcement agencies ignore the facts of wrongdoing, we appeal to higher authorities demanding punishment for those who are responsible.
  • In case of insufficient punishment of public officials responsible for obstructing investigations, we go on to secure fair sanctions for their commission or omission, up to imprisonment and seizure of property.
  • Anyone who covers up corruption schemes or turns a blind eye to violations will be included in our database of wrongdoers so that none of them escape responsibility. Sooner or later, justice will be served. The Yanukovych family can prove it :)
  1. The amount of public funds which we were able to salvage from embezzlement and/or restore to the public budget.
  2. The number of public officials, in particular, from the law enforcement, judicial, and regulatory sectors, who have been called on to account for corrupt activity or corruption concealment.


  • Information published on the website UKR.AW is taken only from open and public sources. This is information gathered from the web portal for State Procurements, investigative journalism, mass media, as well as replies to deputies’ appeals and requests for access to public information.
  • The Anti-Corruption Action Centre is not obliged to verify the information received from official sources and is not accountable in case of its refutation (Article 302 of Civil Code).
  • We closely follow the results of each inspection or investigation. If law enforcers ignore the facts of wrongdoing, we appeal to higher authorities and demand that the ones responsible be punished.
  • In its activities, the Anti-Corruption Action Center proceeds from the principle of open access to information concerning the disbursement of public budget funds, ownership, use, or management of state and community property, including copies of relevant documents, terms of acquisition of these funds or property, full names of individuals and legal entities which obtained these funds or property (in accordance with Section 5 of Article 6 of the Law of Ukraine “On Access to Public Information”).
  • Cases published on UKR.AW concern officials acting in public functions or exercising public authority on the regional and national levels. Decisions, commission, and omission of such public officials in exercising their authority may be subject to public criticism and evaluation.
  • The Anti-Corruption Action Center makes no statements concerning the validity of facts of violation of current legislation, citizens’ rights and freedoms, nor does it make any statements concerning the validity of guilt of the persons involved.
  • The facts regarding the presence or absence of violations in each case are established by competent authorities on the basis of the results of considered appeals, as submitted by the initiative of the Center.
  • In each initiated case, the Anti-Corruption Action Center provides its own evaluation of information published in media and other open sources. Value judgments are not subject to refutation and verification, which is in line with international standards of protecting freedom of speech, in particular, in the obligatory practice of the European Court of Human Rights, which defines value judgments as exempt from argument.
  • The Anti-Corruption Action Center provides the possibility and the right for all persons who disagree with the published information concerning them to react within seven days, starting on the publishing date of the information in question. The reaction will be published on the website in the files on each particular case initiated by the Center.

Financial support

The project “Enhancing the role of civil society in public finance oversight” is funded by the European Union. It aims at empowering civil society and journalists in the fight against corruption by increasing capacity of regional anti-corruption activists, addressing misuse of public finance, helping the Asset Recovery Agency and its civic oversight body to be set up and by upgrading the Register of Ukrainian Politically Exposed Persons for a more effective prevention of money laundering. For more information please visit: https://goo.gl/4jeeN2

 The contents of this website are the sole responsibility of AntAC and can in no way be taken to reflect the views of the European Union.