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The “Anticorruption Action Centre” team demands prosecution of the First Deputy Minister of the Cabinet of Ministers Oleh Parakuda for unlawful and illicit enrichment. The 33-year old official has had a long list of positions in the Yushchenko and Yanukovych era. In 2010 the Presidential Secretary moved Parakuda to the position as head of the State Executive Service of Ukraine in Kyiv region. The victory of EuroMaidan and the passing of the lustration laws didn’t hinder Parakuda from receiving a key position in Yatsenyuk’s Cabinet.


After analyzing the recent income declarations of certain officials, we have questions about the sources of enrichment of Parakuda and his family. An article from the journalist agency “Slidstvo.info” writes, that Parakuda, despite the fact that he calls himself an avid corruption fighter, earned himself a Range Rover and accommodation in an elite building in the centre of Kyiv. In addition, he and his wife, who works as a notary, have a sum of 23.5 million UAH in their bank account.

In comparing Parakuda’s 2013 and 2014 declarations, we can conclude that there is an unfounded increase in this official’s revenue. Parakuda’s 2014 declaration shows that he received 6,300,000 UAH from cashing in on bonds and corporate benefits. However, where could he withdraw this money if this official, in his 2013 declaration, noted that he did not have any bonds or corporate benefits? It is this reason that we are talking about the unjust enrichment of 6,300,000 UAH and how it must be criminalized.

The most recent declaration also notes that the official’s wife, notary Irina Parakuda, increased her bank account figures from 5 million UAH to nearly 18 million UAH. It is well known that notary’s are prohibited from engaging in business activities so this raises the question of the origin of nearly 13 million UAH in Parakuda’s wife’s account. It is very symbolic that Parakuda calls himself an avid corruption fighter.


The article by our colleagues also talks about how Parakuda and his wife were involved in other various offenses. Given the above facts, we, the “Anticorruption Action Centre”:

  1. APPEALED to the Prosecutor General of Ukraine, Shokin V.М. with a statement about the crime. The Prosecutor General of Ukraine then passed the statement down to the Kyiv prosecutor. The Deputy Head of the Public Prosecutor of Kyiv’s office, Sysoev D.O., wrote in a letter dated on 10.20.2015, that because of a violation of Article 214 in Ukraine’s Criminal Procedure Code, he refused to enter the information in the Unified Register of Pre-trial Investigations (URPI). We are trying to get criminal proceedings into court.
  2. Along with lawmaker of Ukraine Sobolev, E.V., APPEALED to Prosecutor General of Ukraine, Shokin, V.М.
  3. APPEALED to the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine to conduct an inspection of property of Parakuda, act on Ukraine’s “On Cleaning Power” law, and finally, verify the last declarations of Parakuda, A.V.
  4. FILED a complaint to the Pechersk District Court of Kyiv concerning the inactivity of the deputy chief of the prosecutor’s office in Kyiv, Sysoev D.O., which included his failure to give information to the URPI.
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