We demand prosecution of MP Martynenko for bribery and money laundering

Національний рівень, 15.12.2015 Центр Протидії Корупції – громадська організація, яка об’єднує експертів з юридичного, медійного та громадсько-політичного секторів.
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The Anticorruption Action Centre team demands justice be brought to Mykola Martynenko, Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee on Fuel and Energy, Nuclear Policy and Nuclear Safety and one of the closest associates of Prime Minister of Ukraine, Arseniy Yatseniuk. The lawmaker from the “People’s Front” party, according to the Prosecutor General of Switzerland, is suspected of bribery and money laundering.

On March 31st, 2015 the Prosecutor General of Switzerland requested assistance from the Prosecutor General of Ukraine in the investigation of Martynenko, however proper assistance shouldn’t have to wait. Therefore, the Anticorruption Action Centre team decided to appeal to the Prosecutor General Viktor Shokin, requesting a statement about the crime of the Ukrainian lawmaker. We are patiently waiting for an answer from the Prosecutor General.


The Swiss press writes that Martynenko is suspected of accepting bribes in upwards of 30 million Swiss Francs, that were blocked on a account from Hottinger Bank. The Czech edition Novinky.cz clarified that the suspected bribery of Martynenko is associated with the Skoda JS company for their help in winning a “fat” bid on a deal with State Enterprise (SE) National Nuclear Energy Generating Company of Ukraine (NNEGC) or “Energoatom”.

Journalists found that the 30 million Francs, or 258.6 million UAH, were transferred to an offshore company named “Bredcrest Investment” which is owned by Martynenko. The director of Skoda, Miroslav Fiala, explained that the purpose of the funds is listed as consulting services for service agreements with “Energoatom”.

Indeed, Skoda has repeatedly won bids with “Energoatom”: in 2009, purchases amounted to 21,437,306 Euros, in 2010 – 178,956 Euros, in 2011 – 10,823,870 Czech Krons (CZK), 100,844 Euros and 135, 264,137 UAH, and finally in 2012 – 5,045,624 Euros.

In 2013, the fruitful relationship between Ukraine’s nuclear sector and the Czech company continued: Skoda won five bids for the supply of gaskets and control systems used to solidify safety in the Zaporizhzhya, South-Ukrainian, Rivne and Khmelnytsky nuclear power plants. The contracts were worth 14,759,189 Euros.

Also, all of the above deals took place with numerous violations of the law. In particular, the bidding documents categorically states that the manufacturer of the goods involved in the deal has to be manufactured by Skoda JS or equivalent. Also, the Czechs did not give anyone else the right to implement their products. In addition, since 2013 the only competitor of Skoda LLC is “Proatom”. Interestingly enough, both companies are part of the same consortium that provides consulting to “Energoatom”.

In 2014, Skoda won the auction “Energoatom” with a bid of 14,452,348 Euros; moreover, the procurement was attained without a competitor. And that’s not all, in March 2015 three contracts were signed between the old partners, costing the Ukrainian monopoly 129,338 Euros. Thus, from 2009 to 2015 Skoda received orders from “Energoatom” in the amount of 56,003,700 Euros, 10,823,870 CZK, and 135,274,137 UAH. In addition to that, the Czech company is the single irreplaceable winner of the “Energoatom” procurement, which has funds allocated by the European Bank for design and development.

A key element that connects “Energoatom” and Skoda JS, is the head of the profiling committee of parliament, Mykola Martynenko and the people who hold important positions in the structure of the atomic monopoly. In particular, Valery Vasilkov, who was the previous director of JSC “Brinkford”, an entity founded by Martynenko and David Zhvania, heads “Atomkomplekt”.


Therefore, in light of the above facts, the “Anticorruption Action Centre” team”:

  1. Appealed with a statement about the crime to Prosecutor General V.M. Shokin
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