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The Anti-Corruption Action Centre demands the punishment of the head of the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine, Roman Nasirov, for not declaring in his income two apartments in London, England and a business owned by his wife Kateryna Hlymbovskfa.

Nasirov, 36, in 2014 became a national deputy in Petro Poroshenko’s party. In parliament he led the Committee on Tax and Customs policy. In May of 2015 Nasirov was appointed as the head of the State Fiscal Service.


“Our Money” writes: Even though on Nasirov’s declaration in 2014 in the section about family owned business there is a dash, in actuality his wife Kateryna Hlymbovska is the owner of at least one business in Britain and one business in Ukraine.

It’s important to note that Nasirov’s wife’s father – Olexandr Hlymbovskyy is an owner of one of Ukraine’s biggest construction corporations “Altis-Holding”. According to the British business registry, she is the only owner under the firm name “Altis ltd”. The company was founded in January of 2014, with the director also listed as Kateryna Hlymbovska, who is the secretary of Nasirov’s brother, Yevhen Nasirov.

The firm is registered at 5 City Tower, 3 Limeharbour, London, UK E14 9LS that is also the contact address of both Hlymbovska and Nasirov. According to the real estate registration files of Great Britain, this premise is registered under Nasirov.


However, in Nasirov’s 2014 declaration this apartment is absent: the only property that Nasirov declared is a land parcel. Under “official family” he wrote 500 square meters of land, a house of 414 square meters, an apartment of 157 square meters and other possessions. Nasirov also has a Toyota Camry 2.4 and a Lexus LX 570 5.7 registered under his name. Under his family – Land Rover Range Rover 4.4.

In addition, Nasirov did not point out that Hlymbovska runs a business in Ukraine: in 2007 she became the co-owner of the LLC firm “Foundation Construction Resources of Ukraine”, which has a value of 1.75 million UAH.

Subsequently, “Our Money” found that Nasirov has another apartment in London, which he stated in his declaration. The exerts from the British real estate register show it to be apartment #22 in the Follyfield building on Lennox Road in North London.

The apartment has three rooms and today is roughly valued at 241,000 pounds. Nasirov took ownership of the apartment in 2005, paying 120,000 pounds.

Nasirov gave his declaration after the law came into effect which states that it is prohibited for state officials to file false or incomplete information. The Criminal Code states that such actions can lead to imprisonment for up to two years and can disqualify an official from holding certain positions or engaging in certain activities for up to three years.


Given the facts stated above from the “Anti-Corruption Action Centre” we:

  1. APPEALED to the Prosecutor General of Ukraine, V.M. Shokin, with a statement about the crime. In a letter, dated 18.09.2015, issued by the General Prosecutor of Ukraine, stated that the appeal of the offense that was submitted to the prosecutor’s office in Kyiv was being considered according to the order of Art. 214 in the Code of Criminal Procedure of Ukraine. The First Deputy Head of Office of the Public Prosecutor of Kyiv, Sysoev D., in violation of the terms under Art. 214 of the Criminal Procedure Code of Ukraine, refused to enter the appeal’s information in the Unified Register of Pre-trial Investigations (URPI).
  2. Along with the national lawmaker of Ukraine, Sobolev E.V., APPEALED to the Prosecutor General of Ukraine, Shokin V.M. to report the crime. A letter from the Deputy Prosecutor General of Ukraine, Matios, A., dated 21.09.2015, stated that a letter was sent about the materials of the official investigation regarding PM Nasirov from the General Prosecutor of Ukraine’s office to the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine. In addition, a letter sent from Deputy Prosecutor General of Ukraine, Kasko V., dated 02.10.2015, stated that to clarify the circumstances that might indicate a criminal offense in the SFS of Ukraine, a letter was sent to request a material audit to the Prosecutor General of Ukraine.
  3. APPEALED to the Prime Minister of Ukraine, Yatsenuk A.P. and the Minister of Finance of Ukraine, Yaresko, N. to initiate the dismissal of P.M. Nasirov from office. A letter from the Deputy Minister of Finance of Ukraine, Makarova О., dated 24.09.2015, stated, by the instruction of Prime Minister of Ukraine from 09.23.2015, the National Agency for Civil Service Affairs jointly with the Finance Minister will conduct an internal investigation of the Chairman of the SFS Nasirov for non-compliance with the requirements set by the anti-corruption legislation and will appeal to the General Prosecutor of Ukraine calling for the release of Nasirov from office, was sent to the National Agency of Ukraine on Civil Service. A letter from the Vice-chairman of the National Agency of Ukraine on Civil Service, Skopych O.D., dated 09.10.2015, stated that an internal investigation was performed and that the results will be drawn up and decided upon.
  4. APPEALED to the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine to conduct an investigation into real estate assets, to act according to the law of Ukraine “On Cleaning Power”, and to verify the declaration of Nasirov in 2014.
  5. APPEALED to the Pechersk regional court Kyiv with a complaint about the inaction of deputy chief of the prosecutor’s office in Kyiv, Sysoev D., for not releasing details to the URPI about the announcement of the crime by the “Anti-Corruption Action Centre”. The investigating judge of the Pechersk regional court Kyiv sent back the complaint without considering it. Appealed to the Court of Appeals in Kyiv to appeal against the decision of the investigative judge of the Pechersk regional Court Kyiv, Vasilyeva N.P.
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