We have opened criminal proceedings against former minister Zlochevskiy

Національний рівень, 15.12.2015 Центр Протидії Корупції – громадська організація, яка об’єднує експертів з юридичного, медійного та громадсько-політичного секторів.
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The Anticorruption Action Centre team has successfully nominated and opened criminal proceedings against the odious suspect and former Minister of Ecology and Natural Resources of the Azarov government, Mykola Zlochevskiy.


As it is well known, Zlochevskiy held the position of minister from 2010-2012 and was directly involved in issuing licenses for oil and gas activities. Some of those issued licences were given to companies with direct and indirect ties to Zlochevskiy.

In particular, LLC “Paris” in 2010-2011 received permission for commercial production for deposit fields in Nikovytskomu, Semyhynivskomu and Peremyshlyany in the Lviv region as well as a deposit field in Pylypivskomu in the Ivano-Frankivsk region and finally a deposit field in Sheremetiv in the Chernivtsi region.

According to information from “Economic Truth”, the owner of LLC “Paris” is American Sunrise Energy Resources. Zlochevskiy and his friend Mykola Lisin, who died in a road accident, at one time controlled this company. LLC Energy Service Company “Esko-North”, received permission to mine Karaykozivskomu and Rakytnyanskomu deposit fields, and the Rohanskoyi structure in the promising area of Rohanskoyi in Kharkiv region.

According to “Economic Truth”, that company also has ties to Zlochevskiy. The owner of “Esko-North” is Cyprian Burisma Holdings, which received those assets from Sunrise Energy Resources, which was previously run by Zlochevskiy and Lisin. Thus, “Paris” and “Esko-North” received eight fields between them.

According to information from Forbes.ua, documents from the Cyprus registry say that Burisma Holdings is currently under another Cyprian offshore company called Brociti Investments Limited. This is what gave rise to Zlochevskiy denying all reports of his involvement in mining companies. However, according to the Cyprus company registry, a Ukrainian citizen named Mykola Zlochevskiy owns Brociti.



  1. Sent a report of the crime to the Prosecutor General of Ukraine, V. Yarema. Olexandr Kravets, head of the investigation department of the central investigation department of the Prosecutor General stated that on 27.03.2014, in accordance with Article 364 part 2, Article 366 part 2 and part 5 under statute 191 of Ukraine’s Criminal Code, the Prosecutor General carried out preliminary investigations of the criminal offenses. These facts are attached to the current criminal proceedings.
  2. The “Anticorruption Action Centre” team, with lawmaker Serhiy Leshchenko decided to look into how the pre-trial investigation was progressing. Deputy Prosecutor General of Ukraine Olexandr Bahanets, in a letter dated 02.23.2015, was informed that the pre-trial investigation is ongoing. The criminal cases were combined into one criminal case №32013110090000107 surrounding unlawful enrichment if his method of doing such was done in an illegal fashion, particularly on a large scale (st. 368-2 Criminal Code Ukraine). Moreover, on 12.29.2014, M.V. Zlochevskiy was informed he is a suspect iin this case. The former Minister’s jail cell is calling for him to visit for the next ten years.
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